Meet the team: Ellie

November 15, 2021


Having first joined us for a week’s work experience back in her university days before coming on board permanently, there’s nothing Ellie does that she doesn’t sprinkle a little of her magic on.

Amongst her top skills she lists design, snacks, and theatre shows, of which we can thoroughly back her up on all three (if you’re ever in need of a theatre show recommendation or some obscure snack, Ellie’s your gal). There’s also no message for which Ellie can not find an appropriate Schitt’s Creek gif to respond with – quite a skill if you ask us.

But beyond being a woman of many skills, there isn’t a room that Ellie can’t light up with her smile, warmth and general loveliness, and for that, and for her incredible design talents, creativity, and drive to always find a better way, we’re all eternally grateful.

We asked Ellie a few questions to help you all get to know her a bit better.

What inspires you?

Working with an awesome creative and supportive team. Also, being able to create a space where you can really see the positive impact it has on people, making them feel comfortable within the space and reducing any strain on their mental health. That’s always the goal!

What would your ideal project be?

Something forward thinking that really places sustainability at the heart of it. I’d also love to work on a project that really pushes my skill level across all areas, so that I keep challenging myself and trying new things.

If you could change one thing within the industry what would it be?

That it becomes the norm on all projects to reuse and adapt items that are already in a space, rather than simply ripping it all out and throwing it away. The industry can be hugely wasteful in terms of resources and materials, and as designers we have both a responsibility and the opportunity to change this. We also need to shift away from designing based on the latest and current trends, and move instead towards creating spaces that really work for the long term. This, in turn, will help us move towards a more sustainable world.

What is one thing that you’ve enjoyed about lockdown that you want to take with you going forward?

It was great to be able to just slow down; if anything became overwhelming you had the space to just take a step back and adjust your perspective on it all. I also really enjoyed being able to really switch off and read a book or cook during lunch breaks.

What’s one thing you are looking forward to with your return to the lab_?

Drinks at The Wenlock and seeing everyone from the lab_ – loving the new depot_ set up!!