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Nathan Lonsdale

Nathan Lonsdale is Partner and Director of Spacelab. He trained at the Manchester School of Architecture and Birmingham School of Architecture, UCE. In 1997 he was an Associate at Chiltern Cunningham Architects before leaving in 1999 to set up an Architecture and Project Management Department as part of a large Property Strategy Group. Nathan set up Spacelab with fellow director Andrew Budgen in 2002.

With 15 years of experience, Nathan has taken a lead role nationally and internationally on projects ranging from £50,000 to £20 million. He has extensive knowledge as a Client, Design Coordinator and Project Manager for Bauer, Emap, WPP and many more. Nathan is responsible for total Project Management Control at Spacelab.


Professional Qualifications/Affiliations:

BA (Hons) Architecture, UCE

Dip Architecture, University of Manchester 

Andrew Budgen

Andrew is a founding Partner and Director of Spacelab, and the creative design brain behind the practice, overseeing all design and innovation within Spacelab. Before setting up Spacelab, he worked on large projects for a number of mid-size practices, including Buschow Henley and Ian Simpson Architects.

He is a future thinker, seeing buildings, towns and cities as a stage for the elements that affect our lives, including culture, technology, and social networks. His ability to analyse and understand these elements, then design and create built forms that allows space to flourish, is a rare, award-winning and exciting talent.

At Spacelab, Andrew has made it his mission to help clients appreciate the impact – positive and negative – of their space. “People often don’t understand space, or look at it as an asset,’ he says. ‘But an understanding of how it works can really affect people, and their environments, for the better.” 


Professional Qualifications/Affiliations:

BA (Hons) Architecture, UCE

Dip Architecture, The Bartlett, UCL

MSc Advanced Architectural Studies, The Bartlett, UCL

Part III Architecture, The Bartlett, UCL


Twitter: @andrewbudgen

Ros Pomeroy

Ros is our research supremo, working with clients to determine how their space meets – and falls short of – their needs. With more than 20 years’ experience helping businesses manage change effectively, and a Masters in Advanced Architectural Studies from UCL’s renowned Bartlett School, she brings a unique understanding of architecture and business to the job.

Ros studied engineering, and ran her own change management and communications consultancy for five years. She then worked as Head of Organisation and Change Management at T-Mobile International, before completing her architectural studies, which specialised in an evidence-based approach to planning and designing spaces.

“The best thing about my job is being able to demonstrate the potential for making a space work much better, both for the people using it, and for the business as a whole,” she says. “And an MBA enables me to do this with an understanding of how any business needs to operate.”


Professional Qualifications/Affiliations:

BSc (Eng) Imperial College

MBA London Business School

MSc Advanced Architectural Studies, The Bartlett, UCL 

Linkedin: Ros Pomeroy

Robin Lonsdale

Robin is responsible for the technical detailing at Spacelab, managing the design delivery from first sketch to final completion so they meet their brief, their deadline, and their budget. He joined in 2003, having worked as an architect in London and Manchester for four years before, and completed a year of training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With a vast knowledge of materials and construction methods, Rob is skilled at finding the most efficient and effective ways to turn ideas into built form. From our housing developments in Tanzania to our RIBA Award-winning Orangery for Great Ormond Street Hospital, he oversees people and processes and uses his expert problem-solving skills to keep everything on track, making sure the most complex architectural details are finished to the highest standard.

Robin was made a Director at Spacelab in 2011.

Professional Qualifications/Affiliations:

BA (Hons) Architecture, Hull University

Dip Architecture, University of Manchester

Part III Architecture, Southbank University 



Kerstin Sailer

Dr Kerstin Sailer is a Lecturer at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies at University College London and over a period of 4 years was responsible for developing and implementing Spacelab’s workplace research methodology. She now acts as our Director of Research and Innovation, specialising in complex buildings, organisational theory and behaviour, social network analysis and architectural research methods using Space Syntax theory. Kerstin is a trained architect from Germany, where she completed her Diploma in Architecture (University of Hannover), as well as her PhD thesis "The Space-Organisation Relationship" (Technical University of Dresden). She has won several awards and scholarships for her research and has been invited to present her work at a variety of national and international conferences and workshops.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

Dipl.-Ing Diploma in Architecture

PhD in Architecture

Lecturer in Complex Buildings for MSc Advanced Architectural Studies, UCL


Twitter: @kerstinsailer

Blog: Space and Organisation

UCL: Academic Profile

Linkedin: Kerstin Sailer

Academia: Profile


Kara Wood

Since joining Spacelab in 2006, Kara has played a key role in the ongoing success of the business through her commitment to clients and projects from concept through to completion.

As lead designer, Kara has worked on a wide range of projects from initial spaceplanning & concept, to material specification & coordination on site, particularly in the design of workplace environments. Her knowledge of materials, furniture and finishes, along with an ability to keep ahead of the latest interior trends provides Spacelab with a clear creative edge. Her attention to detail delivers design continuity and ensures the final scheme is as exciting for her clients as the initial concept. Kara was made Associate Director in 2012 and Director of Interiors in 2014.


Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA(Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Rosie Haslem

Rosie is the Director of Workplace Consultancy at Spacelab. She manages the workplace team and oversees all projects from inception to delivery. Rosie graduated from The Bartlett, UCL in 2011 with an MSc in Advanced Architectural Studies, having gained a BSc in Human Geography at the University of Bristol and the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. She also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Urban Design.

With a background in the evidence-based space syntax approach to analysis and design, Rosie has a deep understanding of how spatial layout can influence human behaviour, movement and interaction. She is particularly interested in identifying both the unseen opportunities of space and the key needs of the client organisation, in order to inform the design of spaces that optimise performance.

Before joining the Spacelab family, Rosie worked at Foster + Partners and Space Syntax Limited.

Rosie is a Londoner whose hobbies include cycling and running. She also has a penchant for ceramics and screen printing. 

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

MSc Advanced Architectural Studies – The Bartlett, UCL

PGCert Urban Design – University of Westminster

BSc Human Geography – University of Bristol and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Raquel Sanchez

Raquel joined Spacelab in August 2014 as a designer specialising in Interiors. She graduated in 2004 with a BA in Industrial Product Design from the University of Gerona and since then has worked all over the world, including five years in San Francisco designing dental and health facilities.

Raquel has a passion for concept design and is involved with a brief from the very start, translating the client’s needs into Spacelab innovation. She says her work is like a puzzle, you have to make sure that the ideas, the space and the client’s vision all fit together.

Raquel is an avid traveller who loves to discover new places. She enjoys living in London, but often misses the food and the weather of her native Gerona.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA (hons) Industrial Product Design – The University of Gerona

Nathan Johnson

Nathan joined Spacelab as a Senior Interior Designer specialising in workplace interiors. He comes from a dedicated background in Workplace design, having previously worked at Edge and Gensler architects. When he’s not coming up with ideas for amazing new workspaces, Nathan enjoys cooking and Lego – what Architect doesn’t? Fun fact: Nathan performed to an audience of 4 billion (give or take a few) people in the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony. 

Professional Qualifications/Affiliations:

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture – Kingston University

Andrew Davies

Andrew joined Spacelab in June 2013 as an Interior Architect and has become a crucial member of the Spacelab team, relied upon to undertake comprehensive drawing packages for some of our most high profile clients.

Previously he worked at Senkenken Design in Bishop’s Stortford where he worked mostly on retail design projects for Adidas and M&S and other projects of note including the re-design of Wentworth Golf Course Driving Range. Andrew graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2008 with a degree in Interior Architecture.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture, Cardiff Metropolitan University

John Borsberry

John joined Spacelab in August 2014 as a visualizer, taking our complex plans and turning them into a stunning virtual model of the prospective space. From here, our interior designers can choose the perfect materials for fixtures and fittings and work out how light will work in a space.

After graduating in 2008 with a BSC in Computer Aided Design from South Bank University, John started his career designing interiors in museums where he would plan the structure of entire collections.

He says that the best part of his job at Spacelab is seeing plans come to life and being able to work with designers and architects to take their ideas to the next level.

John is a born and bred Londoner whose favourite thing to do in the city is relax in the many parks and green spaces.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BSC Computer Aided Design – South Bank University

Petros Koutsolampros

Petros studied Architectural Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens before completing an MSc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation at The Bartlett, University College London.

Petros joined Spacelab in February 2013 working under a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Spacelab and University College London to synthesise and digitise information on office buildings and their occupants to be developed externally as a new service to clients and support internal decision making processes.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

Dipl-Ing Architecture Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

MSc Adaptive Architecture and Computation, The Bartlett, University College London

Shelley Hanks

Shelley joined Spacelab in April 2011, bringing with her strong business management skills gained within her previous career in the floristry industry. Having worked within a number of small privately owned businesses Shelley has developed a versatile skill set including staff management, invoicing, stock control, new business and sales.

Shelley has implemented a host of systems and procedures at Spacelab which ensure the office runs smoothly and efficiently. She is responsible for our business accounting and cash flow, along with drafting policies and staff contracts in line with legislation. Shelley is a dedicated and valuable member of staff, and the glue that holds Spacelab together!

Marcus Emblem

Marcus graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2012 and joined Spacelab as an Architectural Assistant where he provides valuable assistance on a variety of architectural and interiors projects.

Marcus previously worked for Ashdown Specialist Contractors Ltd., where he gained onsite knowledge of building methods and materials, providing him with an advanced understanding of architectural technology.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA (Hons) Architecture, University of Liverpool

Kat Sheridan

Kat has been with Spacelab since 2011. After taking time out to travel around Australasia, she realised she couldn’t stay away from us any longer and re-joined in 2014 as a Senior Designer.

Her job encompasses everything from spec design through to on-site coordination and she has worked on several high profile projects including the Virgin Money Guilford and Haymarket stores. She enjoys the challenges that come with working on site and is an expert when it comes to listed buildings and environmentally friendly fit outs.

Kat graduated from Leeds College of Art and Design in 2003 with a BA in Interior Design. Before joining Spacelab, she worked for a large architecture firm specialising in corporate fit outs and new builds.

When she’s not concocting new ideas for exciting interiors, Kat enjoys running and learning French - often at the same time.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA (hons) Interior Design – Leeds College of Art and Design

Sophie Norris

Sophie joined Spacelab in 2014 as an Interior Architect Designer. She is responsible for 3D modelling and concept visuals.

Sophie relocated to London in late 2013 after completing 6 years of study at Massey University, College of Creative Arts, New Zealand, where she attained First Class honours in the field of Spatial Design, followed by a Masters of Design.

When she’s not conceptualising stunning interiors, Sophie is our unofficial office instagrammer and a founding member of the Spacelab Kiwi Society. Sophie says she misses the mountains and beaches of her native New Zealand, but enjoys living in London, where she can pursue her passion for finding and photographing symmetrical food.

Sophie claims to be able to do ten pull ups, but under test conditions could only do six. 

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA Spatial Design – Massey University, New Zealand

MA Design – Massey University, New Zealand

Anna Pizzey

Anna is a Senior Interior Designer at Spacelab. As the lead designer, she works very closely with the client to realise their vision. With over 10 years’ experience designing and delivering commercial, public and educational interiors, Anna thrives on solving problems and creating new environments for people to use and be inspired by. Originally from Bishop’s Waltham, Anna’s hobbies include campervanning and sailing, and she is a qualified yacht master! 

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA 3D Design, 1st Class Hons – University of the Arts Bournemouth

Louise Willett

A core member of the interior architecture team, Louise has a hand in all aspects of a project, from the initial concept down to the last detail. Her experience lies in detailing and coordinating projects, but she also so likes getting her hands dirty on site.

Louise earned her architecture chops from UNSW in Sydney, Australia and moved to London in 2010. Before joining the Spacelab family, Louise worked at Penson and Futurespace, specialising in workplaces.

In her spare time, Louise is quite the Bowerbird with a penchant for crafts and collecting blue things.

Professional Qualifications/Affiliations:

Bachelors in Architecture – University of New South Wales, Australia

Masters in Architecture – University of New South Wales, Australia

Christine Myers

Christine graduated in Interior Design from Glasgow School of Art in 2005. She started her career in Edinburgh, working on various media, financial and law sector projects.

Joining Spacelab in July 2010, Christine has since managed a number of prestigious projects, including the BCO Award winning Edinburgh Headquarters for Virgin Money and the implementation of Virgin Money Lounges and Stores.

She has approached every design project with a passion for evidence based design and is now a pivotal member of our Workplace team analysing statistical data to create meaningful design and overseeing all workplace projects from inception to onsite completion to ensure all client requirements are met. Christine has extensive knowledge of how people physically use space and clarity of thought to relate what the data specifically means to the client especially across multiple site projects.

Christine was made Associate Director of Workplace Consultancy in 2014.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA(Hons) Interior Design, Glasgow School of Art

Siobhan Canniffe

Siobhan is the Executive Assistant to Nathan and Andy, and has been with us since 2014. Before joining the Spacelab family, she worked as a Wedding Planner, where she says she was especially fond of the Roundthorn Country House in the Lake District – is that a hint Siobhan?

Siobhan studied Fashion Design and Business at Glasgow Caledonian, so she can knock up a pair of pants or two if necessary!

Hailing from sunny Penrith, she has become a bit of a socialite since moving to London and enjoys eating, drinking and dancing with friends. Fun fact: she has a scar on her leg from when she thought she could fly with an umbrella aged six. Perhaps your Dad’s rock garden wasn’t the best choice for flying practice Siobhan!

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BA Fashion Design and Business – Glasgow Caledonian University

Michael Beach

Interior Designer Michael assists in the design and development of projects from concept to completion. Although he doesn’t boast the accent, Michael has lived in Scotland for most of his life, gaining a BA in Environmental Design from Duncan of Jordanstone University and designing workplace and retail spaces for a firm in Edinburgh. Michael is a keen surfer who occasionally dabbles in a bit of open mic. His kitchen skills show whenever he comes up with strange food combinations and he claims the ultimate combo is Skittles, Nerds and Angel Delight.

Professional Qualifications/Affiliations:

BA (Hons) Environmental Design

Nicole Allegri

Nicole graduated in Architecture from the University of Bath in 2004. She has worked for a number of large architectural and interiors firms including Woods Bagot and Capita.

Nicole specialises in the design of commercial office interiors having built strong experience working on a range of projects for major clients including Ernst & Young, Olswang, Citi Group, Crown Prosecution Services and Allied Irish Bank.

Nicole joined Spacelab in May 2012 as an Interior Designer, and has worked on a variety of schemes including Virgin Management, Ogilvy and JWT.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

BSc Architecture, University of Bath

Lusine Tarkhanyan

Lusine worked as an architect in her native Armenia for more than seven years before joining Spacelab in 2014 as a Spatial Analyst while she studied for her PhD in Urban Planning and Environmental Criminology at UCL. She immediately proved herself as a true asset to the Workplace Consultancy team, and was promoted to Senior Social Scientist in 2015.

As a researcher and architect, Lusine has a passion for using her academic knowledge for constructing data-driven arguments and delivering evidence-based design. She has applied this passion in her work with our clients, where she delivers workplace analytics and strategic master-planning for predominantly large-scale commercial offices.

Professional Qualifications / Affiliations:

PhD urban Planning & Environmental Criminology

MSc Security Science

MSc Advanced Architectural Studies

MA Architecture